Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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My 30 Day Challenge

After watching this TED talk, I was inspired to try my own 30 day challenge. But what to do? There are so many things I'm interested in, and so many things I would like to try. I'm already taking music classes (singing and guitar)...go to the gym more? Nah...too tough with my workdays. Cut out caffeine? HA! (But really, I think it's keeping my migraines away so I'd like to stick with the coffee, thanks!) I'd like to try writing a novel, but there's NaNoWriMo for that, not to mention how completely daunting it is to me to stare at a blank page trying to build a world. So what's a baby step towards writing that doesn't completely shut down my brain with intimidation? Blogging!

That's right, I am going to blog for the entire month of July! I've starting thinking about different topics, so hopefully I won't run out of things to type about. I would also like to throw in a vlog (or several) once I figure out how best to record and post videos.


Some future blog topics could include:

  • Newsroom episode recaps
  • Science! (More specifically, space topics.)
  • Crafty things (e.g. my first foray into cosplay)
  • Cooking
  • Activities around Denver, including the upcoming John Williams concert at Red Rocks, and the Steve Martin / Edie Brickell concert at the Botanical Gardens

I'll be on here every day, so hopefully someone will be reading! If not, it will be a good exercise for me regardless. Here's to challenging yourself!


Onward to glory!

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