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My American Mea Culpa: AHS Discussion Post

I was MIA last week, like much of the (living) cast of this season’s American Horror Story. I was neither systematically killed nor had flesh from my limbs turned into jerky. I was working a temp gig with long, irregular hours and fell asleep early again. My sincerest apologies to my fellow horror hounds.

So to mini-recap last week’s episode chapter. Shelby and Dominic were trapped in the house by the Butcher and her fellow ghosts. Meanwhile Audrey (She’s come to take my Saturn!), Monet, and Lee were tied up at the old Polk place. By the end of the episode Shelby, Dominic, Mama Polk, and Jether were dead. Monet was on the run from the remaining two Polk boys. While Audrey and Lee were heading back to the old Polk place to find and destroy the footage of them killing two Polks and Lee confessing to murdering her ex-husband. They of course ran into Dylan (who played Ambrose White, son of the Butcher, in My Roanoke Nightmare) dressed as the Pigman standing at the front door of the Roanoke house.


We only have two episodes left to go. Murphy promised that this episode ends the second distinct half of the post-twist story. While next weeks episode will stand alone. We’re still awaiting the return of Lana Winters and whomever Taissa Farmiga will be playing.

FUN FACT! Lana Winters is partly responsible for my screen name here in kinja-land. Behind Dark Glasses was the name of a now defunct blog I began back in 2010 dedicated to the horror genre. The name is partly inspired by this image:

This is your American Horror Story: Roanoke episode chapter 9 live viewing discussion thread and post-mortem playground. Have at it!

This Space Reserved for Our Resident 780th Master of Death

Last week, Deathmaster780 saw a faded sign at the side of the road that says “15 miles to the Weed Shack”!


This week, Deathmaster780 gives some props for AHS managing to use the found footage genre better than most found footage horror movies.

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