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If you have been on io9 either today or yesterday, you probably saw this article about alleged demands from DC higher ups to, “stop Batgirling” after an alleged loss of $2 million in revenue between 2014-2015. I say alleged as we have no actual official word from DC and only have Bleeding Cool’s word (which is known to post crap from time to time).


However, this hasn’t stopped me from being worried about my favourite comic book universe (sorry people, DC for life!) and what impact it could have on my current favourite comics as well as on the competition.

It seems that part of the blame is being put on the DC mini-revolution that came out after spring’s Convergence event (the over being DC moving to the US West Coast). Comics like the Robin Army, Mecha Batman and Capeless Superman just don’t seem to be gaining the same interest that DC expected. I myself haven’t read these comics, I had planned on checking out the mecha Batman once I knew it was worth it but given the news that seems to have been a mistake. However, the comic I am most worried about is one of the mini-revolution comics that didn’t get the same press as those ones and one I have been loving so far, Starfire.

Starfire is just behind Batgirl as my favourite superhero of all time and seeing her back in all her glory after the cringe worthy experience of Red Hood and the Outlaws was such a relief. However, this recent news has me really worried that the new demands for, “meat and potato” comics mean that the series will either be cancelled or changed significantly to be more “appealing” which can be disastrous for the character if it is anything like what happened at the beginning of the new52.


Then we have the pre-existing comics. Batgirl may be selling well at the moment, but so was Batwoman before the top hounds thought they knew better. It could be very possible that the hounds could call for the comic to become darker and to get rid of characters like Alysia Yeoh. This would be such a shame since they actually fixed the unintentional transphobic scenes from Batgirl #37:


And (Massive Spoilers do not read unless you are okay with spoilers) Alysia Yeoh is finally back in the comic fully and is getting married in October. (End spoilers)

However, if the rumours are true, this could also be bad news for Marvel fans as well. Marvel could be looking at what is happening at DC and could do something similar. Marvel’s top hounds can be just as petty (ever going to apologies for what you did to Defiant Comics?) and short sighted as any of the comic companies. Just look at what their greed caused in the 90s. We also know that they are perfectly willing to mess up comics or flat out cancel high selling ones for no good reason such as with Thunderstrike, Uncanny X-Men, the Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel, the entire Ultimate Universe and probably most infamously, Spiderman and Ms Marvel with One More Day and Avengers #200.


I find it funny that less than a week after me, BehindDarkGlasses and Melanin Monroe discussed how easily things can so easily go back to the status quo, that this happened. I really hope the rumour is wrong and if it is, I hope Starfire continues and it, Batgirl and the other good comics aren’t changed pointlessly.

P.S. Is there any way to know how much the current Starfire comic is selling?

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