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If you're feeling Outlander Sam Heughan withdrawal, don't worry, the Hallmark Channel has you covered this holiday season. (Which started last Saturday. Hallmark and Starbucks' red cups have decreed it so.)

A Princess for Christmas (2011) features Heughan as Ashton, son of Roger Moore's Duke of Castlebury. (Yes, that Roger Moore.) In typical Hallmark movie fashion, tragedy has hardened the hearts of the stuffy Brits, until main character Jules Daly (Irishwoman Katie McGrath), an American free spirit/romantic/dreamer - you can tell, because her name is Jules - brings Christmas to the chilly Castlebury castle.


(Which is kind of like saying I'm going to visit Townville town. Wait, is Castlebury a real place? If so, I apologize to all Castleburyans if I have given offense.)

Oh, there's also a just-in-it-for-the-social-advancement snobby girlfriend who disdains the protagonist. (Will she get her comeuppance?? Who can say?!) And a friendly butler. And a fancy ball. And the protagonist mistakenly thinking the Brits don't want her to go to the ball after eavesdropping on a conversation about someone else. And she doesn't have a dress! But the castle staff all chip in to buy her a fancy gown! Because she wins over everyone with her free-spirited Christmasness!!

This movie seriously blacks out Hallmark Channel movie bingo. Except maybe something humiliating happening to the girlfriend, like accidental pie in the face or similar.


Ashton does it all: Archery, horse riding, sweater and scarf wearing, ballroom dancing, violin playing, reaching the top of the Christmas tree without a ladder...


How do you think the movie ends? I will give you no guesses. You know how it ends.


Oh well...we'll always have this gif via Twitter user @sassssenach (and retweeted by @samheughan himself)...

*mic drop*

Oh, wait, one more thing...

But it's a vague reference to the books...

So I'm trying to add some space between the gif and the book reference...

Ok, here we go:

***Sorta Outlander BOOK SPOILERS***

My head canon: Ashton is Willie's 6-times-great-grandson. (Admittedly, this would work better if he was an Earl, not a Duke.)


***End spoilers***

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