Today isn't talk like a pirate day, but I haven't celebrated talk like a pirate day yet so there be spoilers ahead, argh! Ye have been warned.

I need to start with a question. What's up with Agent Coulson? Is there something in the comics that answers the hidden meaning of the "he thinks he was in Tahiti" line? I've seen a couple of theories posed in other threads. I'm a believer in the android/uploaded consciousness theory, but wonder if there's anything that gives more detail on what is really going on.

As for the show itself Lola was a bit of a problem for me. It seems like in the first scene when she was loaded into the plane she was a '62 Split window (but I really can't tell from photos). Then later she was a convertible. Then she was a hovercar. I'm not a fan. nobody else can touch Lola and that means the writers too. Leave her alone.

Agent Ward... not a fan. I kept rooting for him to get punched by bad guys. Maybe shot.


Ms. May - All she has to do is drive the bus, but what is her background? Where do I know her from? I'm wondering if this is a case of the writers expected the viewers to know all about her because she's a famous Marvel character? At least that's the feeling I was given.

Fitz & Simmons - I'm wondering if the name Fitzsimmons is an easter egg of some sort? Just seems like it might be. Anyhow a geek who won't get his hands dirty and a bio-tech person who has a genius IQ and won't wait for so much as a hello before saying or doing things. They're an interesting pair. One reminds me of Felecity Smoak from Arrow only on drugs. The other reminds me of Chekov from the new Star Trek films. There is a LOT of potential there.


Sky- Big fan. Wish I knew what questions she asked Agent Ward. That's probably the point though they didn't want to reveal too much.

Agent Coulson- I need to know more about Tahiti. I want this to be THE Agent Coulson. Any form of android/zombie/ghost or basically anything other than THE Agent Coulson will disappoint me.


The show itself- I'll echo many of the other sentiments. I wasn't immediately hooked, but it certainly wasn't a let down either. I am curious about a 0 8 4. I also feel like the show needs an underlying plot in each episode. If you consider a show like Law & Order that uses the same characters from week to week with completely new and separate cases each week you can miss a week and miss nothing. Shows like that don't hold my attention. Eventually I'll get a back log of episodes and think why bother? So I'm wondering what underlying theme they're going to have?

The thing I didn't like though was the perception that SHIELD is somehow a government coverup. If that's the running theme that everyone hates them because they're somehow covering up the truth it'll get real old real fast.