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My Friday Indulgence, AKA It's Definitely the Holidays

Today, with no intention of doing so, I subjected my body to an ongoing assault, but I fed my soul well. I would like to share the unbalanced, gluttonous diet for my Friday.


  • One chocolate donut. I've been rewatching the Twin Peaks series. Anyone whose seen the show knows there are many shots of stacks of donuts...
  • One apple fritter.
  • One Monster Loca Moca (no more than 1/3 consumed — already had sugar overload).
  • Water.


  • Unplanned trip to Five Guys — (1) Bacon cheeseburger, (1) little fries (they dumped a LARGE amount in the bag), and (1) regular sized root beer (rarely drink soda anymore). I intended to eat light, but a coworker inspired a much needed and welcomed excuse to get out of the office for once.

Mid-afternoon snack:

  • M&Ms. I rarely eat these, but I wanted chocolate. For my job, I have to sit and think a lot throughout the day, so I'm guessing my brain needed this. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


  • Pho — vegetables and tofu, medium. Also unplanned, as I intended to eat light, yet again due to earlier indulgences. However, it's about 0*F outside and the wife convinced me that a warm bowl of something brothy was a good choice and I agreed.


  • At this point, you should have on your Really? face, and I completely understand. But there was a box of Oreo cookie brownies on the counter...and because it's Friday.

I dedicate this day of indulgence to all of you who have been working your butts off all year long, and if like me, are feeling a little burnt out about now. Cheers to you.

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