Earlier today I conducted a little test of the great experiment known as Kinja 1.2. The short conclusion, without the post author participating the comments can quickly turn into a mess.


You can see in the test post the results of the author not pruning the tree of comments (to use Denton's analogy). Here are some assorted observations:

  • "Highlights" showed all the comments in the post grouped under the author's group chat. The separator between threads was not clearly differentiated which gave the appearance of one long thread instead of several threads. This was very confusing for commenters. The threads were in chronological order.
  • "All replies" initially showed none since all the comments were considered pending which effectively made them all grays in that view. The comment threads are not in strict chronological order.
  • Following my main account with the burner author moved the thread I had commented on to the first thread in the "All replies" view but there was no visible change in the "Highlights" view.