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My god, they're making an action figure set of The Dæmons!

Now you can recreate the Brigadier's all time best moment, from the comfort of your own desk!

The latest 5-inch scale Classic Series set from Forbidden Planet and Underground Toys is a bit of a belter. Featuring a new version of The Brig, wearing the classic UNIT jumper, Roger Delgado's Master in his totally rockin Cultist robes, and Bok, the sprightly little gargoyle statue brought to life by Azal that spends most of The Dæmons prancing around firing Roman candles out of his fingers and making people disintegrate, leading a completely unfazed Brigadier to utter his best ever line, a line that so perfectly reflects the quaint, endearingly weird and endearingly British hallmark of Classic Doctor Who:

Jenkins! Chap with wings there. Five rounds rapid.

The set's due out in September. Check out the mahoosive picture below!


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