... but do you really have to chew it like it's the last thing you'll ever chew? (Jupiter Ascending spoilers)

Eddie Redmayne... Wow, that was the most over the top villain since Irons in Dungeons and Dragons.....

Which of course is the type of villain this kind of movie needs, but still...

That movie sure is - a ride.... Of course it's a visual spectacle... And let us not fool ourselves, it is a movie every SciFi fan has to see.... Because if we don't, who will... This is not going to be a big blockbuster - I even predict it to be a financial loss. It's just too weird for mainstream audiences to fully embrace it, the story too deeply rooted in Space Opera of old, the characters too inspired by comics and trash movies - sentient dragon people and all. Harvesting Earth's population for our magic life juice. (The Wachowskis really have a thing for sucking out the life energy of comatose people....)


This is what you get when you let two very eccentric movie makers with an A list budget make an homage to Pulp SciFi. I really don't dare to predict if in ten years we'll judge it to be on one level with Brazil (watch out for the fellow director's cameo!) or Battlefield Earth...

I must say I like it. Once I managed to lean back and let myself get immersed into this universe, I was highly entertained, despite some obvious flaws in the logic of the basic premise of genetic rebirth. We can accept Space Raccoons and Trees after all, are we ready for this?


Oh - and Sean Bean survives to see the end of the movie. Biggest twist ever.

And Nic Cage may have to step aside for a new bee meme.