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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

My Gotham ep. 3 Musings

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I'm die-hard Batman fan watching Gotham. These are my thoughts as I watch live. SPOILERS

  • Ozzie is so happy to be home. Lol and then he said what I was thinking!
  • Balloon guy is so dead of hypoxia.
  • Bullock is finally looking acceptably shabby.
  • I don't recognize the name of this trophy-welding detective. Possible Red Shirt?
  • That manhole cover is very light.
  • Fish Mooney is looking fab as always. Gator tail choker dresses are in this season.
  • Oswald is so the best character on this show.
  • Alfred trains Bruce-chan in cane fighting. I like this Alfred a lot.
  • Our weekly Wayne Manor check-in starts out fun but quickly turns emo again.
  • And Ozzie is about to murder that guy for his ugly slip-proof shoes.
  • Short guy in a bow tie and Harry Potter glasses? He is definitely one of the lesser toy-based DC villains.
  • Balloon Man is The Shadow?
  • And Red Shirt Detective is dead.
  • Gordon does a random "Hero dressing for action" scene.
  • I still hate Barbara's actress. I think it may be her face that bothers me.
  • WEBG. We only interview horrible stereotypes.
  • Bullock gets shit done in the sleaziest way possible.
  • Commercial break!
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  • I want Mooney's earring collection.
  • Did she just name-drop The Roman? Yes!
  • Montoya spells out the lesbian sub-plot for the viewers at home.
  • Oh, haha. Poor old lady. Not a nice way to go.
  • Paolo is not necessarily an Italian name. Nice interplay between Ozzie and Boss Man. Is he The Roman?
  • WEBG. Bringing you only the most hilarious news today.
  • And it was juvie guy all along. Huh. I did not see that coming.
  • And Bruce-chan ends his hunger strike. Does he really need a subplot every episode?
  • Nice suit, Ozzie.
  • This episode is a vast improvement over the previous two. I hope it continues to get better.

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