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My Gotham ep. 4 Musings

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Wherein I watch Gotham and provide live color commentary.

Let's rock:

  • Ozzie's hair is supremely stupid.
  • Why is Gordon drooling?
  • Nice street scenery - green-blue tunnel, red church, very nice
  • Oh! Eye trauma on primetime network TV! I have no idea who this guy is supposed to be.
  • Fish Mooney: "I'm looking for a weapon." She has all the best lines.
  • Arkham City? Time to set up for the inevitable video game tie-in, I guess.
  • Why is Gordon telling Bruce-chan all this about the mob? The show was sold as being about Gordon being a mentor to Bruce, but he just shows up and tells Bruce stuff he has no business knowing.
  • Yes! This is the beautiful and ominous Arkham we all know and love!
  • Flaming Politician in a Can is the name of my new band
  • Oh no, Riddler's lurking in the background.
  • So glad Nygma's dropped the obvious "riddle" shit from the pilot
  • Gordon with a gun behind a guy with a spike. What a non-cliffhanger.
  • Lol Penguin in a freezer. Someone's about to get a promotion for saving that money.
  • Barbara reveals her lesbian subplot to Gordon. I thought the writers were going to drag it out. What a relief. Now they just have to uncreepify Montoya.
  • Commercial break!
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  • Blah blah Bullock blah blah Gordon same old conversation
  • Mooney has great earrings as always. These look like the Chrysler Building.
  • Awkward kiss is awkward and not sexy
  • Has Ozzie's actor done any voice work? He sounds very familiar.
  • Fake TV rain is so fake
  • Uh oh, Mayor Spin City is in trouble.
  • Who has a room in their house of just chairs? Beautiful Victorian building, though.
  • Ugh! Why won't you tell Barbara about Oswald, Jim?! She came out to you and everything. It's not like she can't keep a secret.
  • Girl fight! The 2nd girl is so going to win. She looks scrappy.
  • I was right. (^_^)v
  • Oh! Ozzie set up the robbery? I did not see that coming. Nice one.
  • But I sure see that the cannoli is poisoned.
  • I have no idea what this whole Arkham plot was about. Gordon explained it just now and I still don't get it.
  • Next week: Footage edited to look like lesbian bondage, people getting slammed, and Bruce-chan takes PCP and tries to fly

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