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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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My Gotham ep. 7 Musings

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Gotham is now at a critical point in which it could continue getting better or bomb horribly. Watch along with me and find out.


  • So it seems like the baddie named Victor isn't Victor Fries like I feared. It's Victor Zsasz. I know he's a super scary deadly serial killer and all, but this is all that comes to mind when I hear his name:
  • Penguin's on a rampage. (OMG, music.)
  • Fish Mooney's on a rampage. (Unimpressed by her earrings.)
  • Gordon's on a mega-rampage. (Smack those thugs.)
  • Good riddance, Barbara. Don't ever come back. I hate your face. Too bad she'll stupidly come running back.
  • That moment when you walk into work and everyone knows you didn't commit murder.
  • Who is Judge Bam-Bam?
  • Mooney's black feather dress. Amazing.
  • Suddenly Sarge has a soft spot?
  • Enter Zsasz and his bondage vampire henchwomen.
  • He is way too cray-cray. Dig those eyes, man.
  • Gordon got hit. Oh noes.
  • I think I owned the henchwomen's earrings when I was 17. I am not convinced, Gotham. Your earring quality has severely diminished.
  • Montoya and Allen to the rescue! About time they stopped acting like assholes.
  • ...And Zsasz gets down to the cutting. Gross.
  • Night Nurse?! Or Dr. Leslie? Who are you, Rat Lady?
  • Ozzie staring intently in one door window and Thug Guy eating a Cornettto in the other: priceless.
  • "Only my friends call me Fish." Not her best line.
  • Nuns? Nun-napping? Wha?
  • I see what Ozzie is doing now. He's got Meroni eating out of his hand, raising his importance by making himself the center of a gang war. But 2nd in Command is planning something.
  • Commercial Break!
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  • Hah! Spring-loaded Alfred.
  • Why does Gordon go all the way to Wayne Manor to tell Bruce-chan stuff again? Oh, to let us know that he's a real boy, after all. At least we get to see another freaking room.
  • Lol cartoon bomb.
  • I love you so much, Penguin. Well played.
  • Why are the bosses kissing and making up? I don't get it. And Russian guy is dead? When did that happen? Mooney's not having any of it either.
  • Back at Barbara's Birds of Prey lair, Gordon arms up and Bullock shows up with a hooker to do it in Gordon's bed. Stay classy, Bullock.
  • Arresting Mayor Spin City with an assault rifle. You are super cool.
  • Is that Falcone's house or Wayne Manor? They have the same painting and archway.
  • Omg, Zsasz would have "Funky Town" has his ringtone.
  • Ozzie's game is longer than any of us imagined.
  • Wow, Gotham. Wow. I hesitate to say this officially, but I think this show might be really good now.
  • Next week: Mooney has the best dress ever and stabs Ozzie with jewelry, some brown pee in a vial gets passed around, Bruce-chan throws a weak-ass punch, and *gasp* Black Mask?!

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