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My hopes and speculation for the post-Secret Wars Marvel universe

I'm a massive Marvel fan, and with the complete "All New All Different Avengers" revealed, including the creative team of Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, it's clearly time to look past Secret Wars and make some educated guesses and wild speculation. And a few of my personal hopes and fears to go with it!


This isn't all of the Avengers.

A seven person team, and 3 of them are under 18? That seems pretty irresponsible if they're THE team. But if they're making this a training team, that's pretty awesome. To go along with that though, one of the best concepts of Hickman's run was the Avengers World- the massive network of Avengers built to respond to all kinds of threats. It was a concept we never saw fully realized either. The network was never completely filled out.


My best guess is that this "All New All Different" team is built around the legacies, and are being mentored by Sam Wilson and the Vision. Hell, look at that Iron Man. Sure, it could be weird art, but it looks pretty slim to be a fully-grown adult male in there. Could it be Pepper? Or a younger character? Maybe.

However, given the popularity of the Avengers line, I think it's very likely that we'll see at least three to five "core" Avengers books, including a continuation of Remender's Uncanny Avengers, a new iteration of the "New Avengers" (maybe that's this team), and an adjective-less team. Hopefully that also means we'll see some holdover members from Hickman's run, including my personal favorites, Shang-Chi, Smasher and Cannonball. Plus, it's apparent A-Force, the all-female team, is a big deal, and they're not going to go away this soon.

A new multiverse is formed.

Not once has anyone said that the multiverse would cease to exist forever. Only for the duration of Secret Wars. Axel Alonso and Tom Breevoort have chosen their words VERY carefully. They've said Battleworld is the Marvel Universe moving forward, but they haven't ever used a time period to describe it, only that vague "moving forward" wording. Hell, the only thing we even know about the plot of the core Secret Wars series is that it takes place on Battleworld.


My guess is that a new multiverse is born out of the end of the series. The core Marvel universe will be redesignated Earth-1, and we get to explore the multiverse from there.

The Spider-Marriage returns (in some form).


There are three Spider-related Secret Wars titles. One is a team based book spinning out of Spider-Verse that I'll talk about in a minute. The next is Spider-Island by Cris Gage. Cris has been the #2 Spidey guy at Marvel since the "Big Time" era started, doing fill-ins, annuals, specials, minis and scripting over Slott's plots. So that book may be important, but the lead has been revealed as Flash Thompson, not Peter.

But the big Spider-book is Renew Your Vows. And a big book it is- it's written by Spider-architect Dan Slott, and drawn by Adam "we only use him when it's a big deal" Kubert. The book doesn't feature the 616 Peter that we've been following for the last few years. It follows a Peter whose life path seems to have split sometime around the end of the clone saga- he's married to MJ, with a daughter, and is struggling to make ends meet. Sounds like a pretty classic Spidey story with a twist.


This story might be pandering to the people who still lament the loss of Peter and MJ's marriage, sure. However, with Slott writing it, it's very possible that he's feeling out how reaction to Peter and MJ's renewed relationship will go. After all, MJ has barely been seen since Superior Spider-Man ended, so she's primed for a major return.

Will Peter be married post-Secret Wars? It's very possible. It would be awesome, and I wouldn't hate the story. Plus, with Miles' "potential" transition from the Ultimate U to the core Marvel U, Marvel management has the teenage, single Spidey they want so badly. Will MJ re-enter Peter's life, married or not? Most definitely.


The Spider-Exiles get their own book.


The biggest tease at the end of Spider-Verse was Spider-UK and Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) staying behind on Loomworld to guard the Great Web of Life and help other Spiders that need it. The first Spider-related Secret Wars title to be announced was Spider-Verse, a direct follow up to that tease.

Supposedly, the story will feature some of Spider-Verse's most popular characters- Spider-UK, Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and more to be sure, but that's about all we know. Kaine will probably also factor in, given that his body was last seen on Loomworld as well, and series writer Mike Costa wrote Kaine in the Scarlet Spiders mini.


With Spidey at an all time high in popularity, a monthly book exploring a new multiverse through Marvel's most popular character is a sure-fire hit.

Spider-Gwen continues more or less unchanged.

Jason Latour has essentially said Spider-Gwen isn't really affected by Secret Wars, in a pretty similar statement to Jeff Lemire's about All-New Hawkeye. I'd bet it skips a month after the end of the first storyline, comes back with a mention of "more multiverse crap" then continues forward from there.


There will be more than one ongoing series set in alternate universes.


To go with Spider-Gwen, it wouldn't be a surprise if multiple AU series spin out of Secret Wars. In fact, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies was very specifically announced as an ONGOING series, which I didn't see in any other announcement.

The new X-Men line will be full of a lot of fresh blood.


X-Men '92 by Sims and Bowers. Years of Future Past by Bennett. E is for Extinction by Burnham. Inferno by Hopeless. Plus, you have two returning X-line writers in Mark Guggenheim (X-Tinction Agenda) and Fabian Nicieza (Age of Apocalypse). Considering six titles isn't out of the norm for the core X-line, it wouldn't be a surprise if any or all of these seven writers are the core of the new X-Men line.

Another thing that's telling to me that this may be the make-up of the new X-line is that there's little character overlap. YOFP is centered around Kitty Pryde. E4E is based on the Morrison-era characters. Inferno is led by Colossus. X-Tinction is led by Havok and Wolfsbane. That sounds like very clear casts that could carry easily into new Uncanny, Astonishing, X-Men, New X-Men, X-Factor or X-Force series.


Old Man Logan is the new core universe Wolverine.


Old Man Logan has been referred to as a book to watch several times. It's written by Marvel Universe Architect Brian Michael Bendis. It's drawn by newly exclusive Andrea Sorrentino.

If old Logan doesn't transition into the core Marvel Universe, I'll be shocked.

We're seeing previews of the post-Secret Wars creative teams.


Following up on what I said about the X-Men line, I think we're looking into the creative future line-wide. James Robinson writing an Iron Man series (Armor Wars). Sam Humphries on a Hulk series (Planet Hulk). Gerry Duggan writing the Wild West Avengers (1872). Sure some Secret Wars series are returns of classic creators to stories they were known for (Peter David, Fabian Nicieza), but there a lot of these series that seem to be a set up for new runs.

Plenty of series will continue on more or less right where they left off.


Thor is still being written by Jason Aaron. The Guardians are still being written by Bendis. 2099 is still being written by Peter David. Spider-Man is still being written by Dan Slott. Infinity Gauntlet (starring the Nova Corps) is being written by Gerry Duggan, and so is Mrs. Deadpool. Captain Marvel is being written by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Sorry for the repetition, but it was to make a point. They're probably all get new volumes, and some of the writers might use Secret Wars to end their run on a character (it's worrying me that Kelly Sue is co-writing Captain Marvel, a common Marvel tactic to transition a title), but it definitely feels like there will be a lot of carry over.


Post-Secret Wars will be just as fun as Marvel Now!

Whatever the result, Marvel's been on a creative high for the last few years, and even if I'm 100% wrong with this speculation, I'm still on-board.

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