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My husband's services are no longer required

That is, my husband's services are no longer required at work. We are still married.

We were supposed to be going to Arizona in a couple of weeks, but that trip was cancelled because there were only eleven people scheduled to have pictures taken. They might find someone closer to do the job, but probably they will just cancel the whole thing. And they didn't have anything scheduled yet for after this month. And as of a few minutes ago, they've decided that he doesn't need to be on the schedule at all. He is a photographer, and he's not good at the shoot-and-show, just the photography part.


He's running out of places to work, cause it seems that everyone is changing to shoot-and-show. And Lifetouch pretty much bought out most of the competition anyway.

Oh, well. We always knew this might be coming. A lot of people in this business just don't go back to work in January.

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