My fellow nerds, we gather here today to say goodbye to a beloved ally of mine, a friend, nay, I say, a family member of mine: My laptop, Wash.

The course of Wash and I went on together never did run smooth. As some of you might know, my first laptop was stolen about a year after I (or rather MamaJuggler) bought it while I was at work. I had some of my stuff backed up but not all of it. It was a dark time in the house of Juggler and it took me 5 months to the day to buy a new laptop the exact same model. Even that was a trial, because I bought on ebay and some buster tried to swipe it from me during the last half hour!! But I digress.

Oh, the adventures we had!! The Justice League marathons, the Korean Drama marathons, all of the joys we have enjoyed on io9, pinterest and twitter! How carefree we were. Sure, its screen was trying to come apart but we were still happy. And then disaster struck.

My screen started to come apart to the point where on the final day we had together, I couldn't close it. I rushed it right away to my tech guy and he said that it wasn't that big of a thing and that it should be better in 2 days. It wasn't. After 3 weeks of trying to resuscitate it, the screen completely died and even using an eternal monitor didn't work. It was 3 years old.

I talked to him yesterday about it and he can get all of my stuff off of it so I don't have to start over from scratch and that the hard drive was going out as well and that it was fortunate that it keeled over when it did. Even in its final days, Wash was looking out for me. He will be missed, he was never be forgotten and much like his namesake, we watched how he soared.


I'm on the hunt for a new laptop now but I won't be able to buy one until late October. I hate searching for a new laptop.

Feel free to post gifs and funny things in the comments. I'm better now but it still hurts. I was at the start of a new K-Drama.