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My latest obsession.

My continuing quest for interesting, well-written pop-culture criticism on the internet led me (via FCH, as usual!) to the inimitable Drew McWeeny (formerly Moriarty of AICN), and his blog Motion Captured over at Hitfix.

His reviews are always well written, and he often has insight into the latest movie news and trailers, but the really great thing he does is called Film Nerd 2.0. It's a column charting the process of introducing the world of movies to his kids (an amazing 7-year old called Toshi, and his younger brother Allen.)


He's put a lot of thought into how he's going about this process, and he seems to be bringing up his kids to have a really good relationship with movies, and media in general, as well as being thoughtful and educated about the world.

The column doesn't update regularly, but every new article is a reminder of everything I love about movies and a refresher course in the wonder and power in whichever film (or films) they've been watching lately. Drew has a really honest voice, and his recounting of his kids' reactions to the movies and how he handles these reactions is by turns glorious and heartbreaking, and often both.

The column really is one of my favorite things on the internet right now, and I know I've recommended it before, but I really urge anyone with an interest in movies to read every single damn post.


NB: Beware, this column may make you want children.

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