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My new favorite SketchUp modeler: cyberia23

I regularly scour the 3D Warehouse for Sci-Fi stuff (and generally the most insanely-detailed models), but one of my favorite modelers (Jay Thurman, aka cyberia23) just made me very happy with his most recent uploads...

Serenity - Firefly-class Mid-bulk Transport (v 1.1)


Serenity (Firefly) Hover Mule

Serenity cargo shuttles (Firefly)

And another one of my "Holy Grails"...


The Bebop (from Cowboy Bebop)

(My other favorite SketchUp artist, TaffGoch, did Faye's Red Tail very nicely!)

He's also done just about every ship from Blake's 7, as well as...


Dark Star


MST3K - The Satellite of Love (v. 1.1)

You can download SketchUp here.


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