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My new favorite Tumblr blog is...

Today is the Day Marty McFly Went to the Future

Impress all your friends with movie trivia they can't be bothered to fact check with this amazing site! Every day you can be the one to remind everyone that in the classic film Back to the Future II that Marty McFly traveled to today's date in time!


On the plus side, it may be the one thing to stop people from incesantly sharing those picture without knowing that the real day is October 21st, 2015. On the other hand, you will be the boy who cried "It's your kids, Marty!" and no one will believe you win you through your BttFII party complete with inside-out jeans, self-lacing sneakers, and hypercolor hats. I guess they can always bookmark the countdown if they're not sure.

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