Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I just finished reading the Io9's Greatest Hits post and got inspired to write a post so here we go.

This first real memory I have of io9 is of Annalee’s impeccable review of the 2008 classic Outlander. The reviews here at io9 are pretty legendary in general but this review is what sucked me in, especially the first three paragraphs:

I won’t pretend to you that Outlander is the kind of movie that will transform your soul and fill you with a new appreciation of what it means to be human. Go see Wall-E or 2001 if you want that, OK? Tonight go to see the movie that is so badass, so unapologetically fun, that the characters actually fight a battle with swords forged from the hull of a spaceship.


Look me in the eye and tell me that you haven’t at some point dreamed of a giant f**king sword made from indestructable space material. Well, maybe it’s just me.

I remember reading this, laughing my head off and making my family read it because not only was it nerdtastic but it reminds me of conversations my family and friends have had.


I grew up in a huge sci-fi loving family and thus grew up listening to them argue about which version of Dune is the best or whether Superman could vibrate through walls like the Flash. I grew up with friends having intense conversations about movie that could never actually happen but man, wouldn’t it be great if it did?! I grew up with people who described movies the same way Annalee described Outlander. It was familiar in the truest sense and I started reading io9.

Io9 quickly became one of my favorite little corners of the internet because it not only encourage me to ramble about all the minutiae sci-fi has to offer but it helped me find more people who had did the same and weren’t completely jerks when they did it. (A feat that should always be praised because the internet, man.)


I can’t possibly recount all of the great moments I’ve had here so I’ll just hit some of the highlights.

  • My Terminator AU “adventures” with LittleDragon
  • The Great Battle of 4 or 5
  • The birth of the O-Deck, back when it was a wee little hashtag
  • The abundant apocalypses we’ve endured together, from Gawkerpocalyse, GawkerKrakens to the switch over to Kinja
  • Us trolling the troll, Logan5 (Yes, after all these years, I remember that)
  • One of you lovely people randomly deciding to design my beautiful avatar. I can’t remember who but if you’re reading this, you’re a rock star.

So thank you, io9. Without you, I would have never picked up the mantle “Geesejuggler”, I never would know so many of you strange and beautiful people and I wouldn’t be working towards my dream of being a writer.

Thank you, io9. You have been and always shall be the best.

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