It would explain why I hate every single person on board of that ship. Also, the experimental technologies. - Spoilers for ST:D.

So - the Captain’s attitude toward rules, engraved into stone as it is literally the title of the last episode: “Rules are for pussies, I’ll do whatever I want, when I think I have to”. Or as the he puts it “Context is King”.

Sure, every Starfleet Captain has done his or her fair amount of rule bending and breaking, but none has openly exclaimed to not give a damn about Starfleet regulations - because it’s WAR - in their very first episode! That’s the pre-emptive excuse for someone who fully intends to commit War Crimes. Where do we go from here? How can the Captain be anything but the bad guy? Well. I seriously hope he is. And not just any bad guy. The mother of all ST badguys. Hear me out...

A StarFleet officer working under the radar and outside the rules to win a war? Experimental technologies, particularly some kind of biological hyperspace/transporter technology. Black uniforms and badges.


And all that on a ship with the registration number: NCC-1031.


Does that number ring a bell in the ST Universe?


That’s right. People dressed in black. Working outside StarFleet regulations, making use of advanced transporter technology.


I am not sure where this is going, obviously. I hated a lot of this episode - Just because you put a Tribble on the Captain’s desk doesn’t mean you can take Event Horizon, complete with blood and gore, and call it a Star Trek episode.


But - if they do this well. If they KNOW that their Captain is about to become a villain and don’t try to sell him as an anti-hero. If this is actually section 31 in the making and Burnham is in this to work against them. Then you may have something here.

Which is assuming that they are playing a long game. Not sure if they do. They may just as well be grimdark just because, and then this whole thing will fall apart very quickly. We’ll see.


PS: The Captain’s ready room has one desk in it. And a Tribble. Nothing else. Not even a chair. I assume sitting down is for lackeys, just like laws.

PPS: The Chief Engenier is a jerk.

“I thought you were a Vulcan!”

”I am not.”

“Are you saying I was wrong?”

“I grew up on Vulcan.”

“Well, Lady, that doesn’t make you a Vulcan!”

“I never said I am a Vulcan!”

“Well, I don’t like you anyway!”