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My own little head-canon for Kurt Russell characters.

I have a cockamamie theory... it's my own little bit of headcanon. But I love it all the same. I have an arc of how a character progresses through some different movies. The common factor? They're all Kurt Russell. Interested? Like Mr. Tyson says... Come with me...

So... starting off, we have Steve Stronghold. (AKA: The Commander) from Sky High.


Fine upstanding superhero. Nietzchean ideal. Husband and father with what you might call 'The Good Package' as far as superheroes go. Strength, Flight, Invulnerability. He's got a fine life going on, right? But then something happens... Something that fundamentally alters the makeup of his powers... The strength and invulnerability are mostly gone. The flight is gone altogether. He's starting to get younger too.

Whatever happened... it changed him as a person. He started to get more and more reckless. Careless... He's getting on people's nerves. It destroys his marriage as he sinks more and more into despair. Til he loses control and screws up in a big way. He has to go into witness protection. So he becomes a truck driver. That makes him mobile. Hard to find. A hero like him knows how to go underground if he needs to. He even takes on a new name.


Jack Burton.

You know... the guy with the ex-wife, who rubs everyone the wrong way after a bit. The guy with the super reflexes who we never see get REALLY hurt... Nothing he can't come back from in a hurry. And offered the chance to settle down? No way man... he's got a past. It hurts. And he's not getting that attached to anything ever again.


And then stuff gets real on an international scale. And you know Jack. He's the colors that never run. He loves his country, and he wants to help. His handlers gert him into special forces to serve in unit Black Light. He's decorated for bravery... at this point, seemingly the youngest person ever to be decorated for bravery by the president himself. But when the Leningrad Ruse goes down and he loses an eye, he becomes disillusioned enough to go rogue. As society disintegrates, so does his morality... and he adopts a new name.


Snake Plissken.


Yeah, it's just my headcanon, but it makes the story of Steve Stronghold a hell of a lot more interesting, neh? What other high points have I missed that might fit in the arc from The Commander to Jack Burton to Snake Plissken? (Captain Ron? Jack O'Neil? Lt. Gabriel Cash?) How would you fit those other characters into the arc? FOR THE MOST AWESOME REVERSE CHARACTER ARC EVER!

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