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My Pacific Rim Nightmare Finally Came

Did anyone else have one? Or just me?

Ever since I saw the movie I've been waiting for the inevitable nightmare. So 'little' Kaiju were attacking Toronto and one came in my house and I hid behind my closet door and it ALMOST got me but then it got distracted and went away. It took me a while to recover when I woke up. It probably didn't help that I read the PR comic yesterday (a discussion for another post. Boy, do I have opinions on that book!).


What nightmares do you get? My most common one is about roller coasters: some famous roller coaster has, as part of its track design, a point where it jumps the tracks over an empty space before landing on the tracks again. And it apparently works 100% of the time UNTIL my friends or I go on it, then it fails catastrophically and I'm left with carnage. And I love roller coasters so I don't know why mind has fixated on this scenario.

What wakes you up in the middle of the night?

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