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My thought on Kick-Ass 2

I liked it. I found it softer and less hilarious than the first movie, but I also liked the message much more. It was a more positive movie. I liked that, once again, based on what the excerpts I have seen, the movie improves on the comic by making it less Millar i.e. fuull of lame, immature attempt at "shocking" people with violence, vulgarity, and rape.

Also, I really loved the motivation of all the other heroes - they were pretty positive role models. Did the comic have them? Or did Millar make them asshole to?

Slight spoiler ahead...

The only thing I disliked was how they did away with Katie - I know it's similar to the end of the first comic, but I hated that bit. At first I thought they needed to remove her to make way for the comic crush, but nope, in the comic Katie was the crush in this one too. Weird. I liked who they replaced her with, but it was a nonsensical scene - KA had done nothing warranting Katie's anger.
That's my thought. Any comment/questions?


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