Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Well i was gong to post this since there hadn’t been a post since my Gotham recap. But as i wrote this the Open Thread came up so that fills that need. Still I put in all the effort to be entertaining, so here are some random thoughts I had while watching the first season of The Clone Wars cartoon on Netflix.

  • I prefer this Anakin’s character design. The rattail was so dumb, i’m glad they got rid of if
  • Personality wise, Anakin is a lot more tolerable. He’s snarky and can be a bit over zealous but he is also tactical at times and seems to be trying his best to be a good teacher to Ahsoka. He comes off far better than he did in the second and third movie.
  • Corey Burton does a pretty good Christopher Lee impersonation.
  • The animation is weird. Not bad, but weird.
  • Kit Fisto is mean to medical droids
  • The writers don’t feel the need to explain anything. Sure Anakin has a Padawan and Grevious is here, no need to actually give the audience any background. Perhaps it comes later, but again, this is quick hot takes from 12 episodes.
  • According to Wookiepedia, the show was classififed T-Canon by Holocrom continuity database administrator Leeland Chee.
  • Palpatine looks like he could use a steak. So thin and gangley.
  • Even years later, Nute Gunray still sounds like a racist characature.
  • I don’t immediately despise Jar Jar.
  • The battle droids have personality. It actually makes me a bit sad to see them get sliced to bits.
  • The utter loathing between Anakin/Obi-Wan and Dooku when they were captured by pirates was quite amusing.
  • I am shocked by how violent this show is. There’s no blood but in one episode Dooku uses his handcuffs to choke a guy and then force chocks another guy. Just seems violent for a kids show.
  • Then again, according to George Lucas it’s not “South Park Comedy” or a “Baby girls show like Hannah Montana”

Ok that’s enough for now. Hopefully this fulfilles the need for content and entertainment.

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