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My V for Vendetta moment

Remember Remember the 15th of Augustember. For on this day the O-Deck admins bowed to our gawker overlords and dissenting discussion was frowned upon lest ye all gather in one location to be easier to ignore.

Since the admins are deleting anyone who dares feel their own thoughts merit an independent discussion on the new front page re-design I'll share my comments and hope you all see them before they get removed!

What was the point of using io9 as a test about a month ago? Was there a point? It was almost universal that the left side of the front page became a massive wasteland of space. Some people said it would be more tolerable on the right, but at the very least it was way too large. This was the theme of comments. Perhaps by limiting the comments to 1 thread (like we're doing again today) the comments were overlooked or the evil overlords thought "it must be OK there aren't a lot of complaints."


Over on Jalopnik the #1 complaint thus far? The images are too small. Hmm I seem to remember hearing that one over and over on io9 as well.

But wait! It looks great on a mobile device! Is that what this is all about? Are we trying to design the gawker sites to be universal for all devices and to look great on a mobile device? Are they trying to eliminate the concept of a site for a regular web browser and a site for mobile devices?

As more people use it some of the lost functionality is being found, but there's nothing intuitive about the design and where a lot of the information was combined it seems like they said hmm where should we put this? And everything they couldn't find a spot for all got put in the same place.

I like change in a lot of ways. I like the most recent site design. I liked some of the old ones too, but I liked the most recent one the most. This one just seems like a massive step backwards. Unless of course you're on a mobile device where web technology is a long way behind the rest of us using a regular web browser.

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