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My visit to Clockwork Alchemy 2016!

This weekend I went to a steampunk convention called Clockwork Alchemy, which is conveniently held about 15 minutes from where I live in San Jose. Steampunk is something I’ve been interested in for a few years now, and this was the second year in a row I’ve gone to this convention. As with most genre conventions, there were a lot of panels, workshops and performances to check out. For example, I went to panels on Victorian seances, 19th century ghost hunting, global steampunk fashion and queer visibility in the steampunk community. In addition to all that, there was also an artist’s gallery featuring Victorian and/or steampunk works, which is where most of these pictures are from:

Those are tea tins with a teapot on the end. There is a preoccupation with tea in steampunk because England.
A steampunk jet pack! The artist was present, and I talked to him about the construction. The wings used to be a decorative fireplace grate and are expandable, which the artist demonstrated to me.
Light fixtures.
Close-up of one of the light fixtures.
The information card didn’t say this was supposed to be based on Iron Man, but I think we know the truth.
Handmade Victorian style clothing. The dress on the left is an evening gown, and the one on the right is a walking dress.
Mechanical bird cage.
Vampire hunting kit. I kind of want my own.
This contraption was really quite stunning in person. Those are preserved butterflies inside, and there is a crank on the outside that makes the butterflies flap their wings and also turns on a music box mechanism. The box also has lights that change colors.
Inside of the butterfly box.


This last piece was made by me, or rather I disassembled it, repainted it and put it back together again. It’s a steampunk gun, and it originally was a water gun I got at a thrift store. This came out way better than I expected it to since painting and refurbishing aren’t really in my craft repertoire.
And in case anyone was wondering what I wore, this is it. It’s not much to write home about, but it was fun to wear things I would never wear otherwise, like the ruffled shirt. My steampunk gun was attached to a simple detachable holster I made to go on the belt.

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