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My Wife Misunderstood the Perfect Superhero TV Show

So, my wife likes comics, and she was a huge fan of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, so I figured she'd be thrilled that the B herself, Krysten Ritter was going to be a Marvel superhero. Her misunderstanding of the situation sounds like it'd make an even better show than the real deal.


Don't get me wrong, Jessica Jones' comic book Alias will no doubt make an amazing Netflix series. In fact, although she didn't read it when the book was out, the mixture of crime nior, intelligent wit, vulgar sensibilities and liberal use of the "Mature Readers" label would've made Alias my wife's kind of book (Saga is at the top of her read pile).

But no, when I told her "The B is going to be a Marvel superhero," she thought I meant the character of The B was going to get superpowers and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have to admit, that is an amazing idea.


She was just blown away by the idea that Marvel would pick up on a character from a failed sitcom and transfer her directly into the same universe as Iron Man and Groot.


After I realized the miscommunication, I thought about it - I love Jessica Jones and all, but damn, if the B herself had powers, Tony Stark would be nothing compared to her might.


If you never caught the show when it was on, you missed out (though it's probably on Netflix or something).

Now, imagine her with superpowers.

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