Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I got a little twitchy last night. Was I seeing red? Well no, can’t say that. Listening to the latest installment of Dan Dare on Radio 4 Extra the big puzzle in The Red Moon Mystery is where is the Red Moon?


The episode picks up with Dare, Digby and Peabody in orbit, unable to return to Earth because they are infected with a Mekon created nano-tech virus. There’s a funny little scene where Dare does a Tim Peake-style school visit via hologram and fields awkward exposition from a kid called Flamer Spry. Is that foreshadowing?

Quickly, they are distracted by a “quantum event” on Mars and Dare is surprised to hear there is a secret Eagle Corporation base on the red planet. Off to Mars then. Something has zapped a chunk out of the base when they arrive but there are survivors. Digby takes charge of a military unit who are being picked off by a marauding creature. There is also an obelisk that “isn’t all there” and Dan meets his estranged Uncle Ivor who wants to re-run the experiment that blew out the rest of the base.

It’s to be continued, but the old crusty in me misses the tale it is allegedly based on. Can’t help but feel that they’ve thrown the baby out with bathwater and packed in bits of every other sci-fi story going.

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