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Name a Jaguar!

This little guy was born at the San Diego Zoo on March 12th, and he’s reached the point where the zoo is ready to give him a name.

Here is a link that will let you choose from a list of seven names, which are as follows:

  • Xingo (A river in Brazil)
  • Manchado (Portuguese for “spotted”)
  • Machupo (Another river in Brazil)
  • Javari (A river in Bolivia)
  • Tankani (A mountain in Brazil)
  • Patafe (Portuguese for “rascal”)
  • Valerio (A boy’s name meaning “strong,” “powerful,” “healthy”)

If you’re wondering why so many rivers are among the options, it’s probably because jaguars are very good swimmers and often enter the water to hunt things like caimans, turtles, and fish.

This cub has been very happy and healthy being raised by his mom, Nindiri.


I’ve written about jaguars in my Caturday series.


Be sure to check out this video of Nindiri playing with her cub!

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