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Name Some Lions!

Last month, three little lion cubs were born at the Oregon Zoo, and now that the purrsonalities of the two female cubs and one male cub are becoming more apparent, the zoo is asking for help in naming them.


Go here to Oregon Zoo's survey, where you can choose between the following options for each cub and cast your vote!

1. Cub Number 6 - the male cub

  • Ngozi, meaning "good fortune" or "blessing"
  • Hasani, meaning "handsome"

2. Cub Number 7 - initially the biggest female cub

  • Mashavu, meaning "chubby-cheeked"
  • Sanura, meaning "small cat" or "young cat"

3. Cub Number 8 - the second female cub

  • Kioni, meaning "the one who sees"
  • Niara, meaning "one with high purpose"

I've written about lions in my Caturday series.


Also, enjoy some video!

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