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Name that disease

Let’s play a game. I’m going to post a little bit of clinical information and see if anybody can name the disease. I don’t expect anybody to win.

This is the chromosome pattern (karyotype) of a disease found in an actual human being. No insects or sea sponges or anything weird. This is plenty wierd enough. . This came from a living, breathing (if sick) person. He is doing better now, thanks to me (breaks arm, patting self on back), for now. I am posting it because it really impressed me just how freakishly abnormal some of the things I deal with are. Seriously, I saw this report and kinda busted out in nervous laughter. And because I think there are some science types around here that will be just as impressed. Or not (check the tags).


Here are the pictures of the chromosomes, if that helps. It probably doesn’t.

And here is the verbal description from the pathologist. Again because I find some of her phrasing amusing.


“Material of unknown origin.” Yeah. You never really want to find that in your genome. Sort of pegs you as one of the guys The Doctor can’t save.


So if it is a game, I guess we need some rules. I will answer questions with “yes” or “no.” I may give hints if you inspire me too. If I get bored, I may just blurt out the answer. So, yeah, basically no rules.

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