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Nathan Petr- Er I mean Adrian Pasdar is coming To Agents of Shield.

Coming in April Adrian Pasdar probably best known to scifi fans as Nathan Petrelli is coming to Agents of Shield. Coincidentally he already voices a few characters for the animated side of Marvel, but now he gets to play Glenn Talbot, a man who inthe comics is obsessed with taking down the Hulk.

In an interview with Marvel he implies that this is definitely a recurring role as "there had to be a little bit more in it than just an episode for me".


Although they are keeping the reasons for Glenn Talbot's appearance on the show a secret, Pasdar hinted it may be an antagonistic role to the bus team, "Every show needs a jerk, [and] I guess I'm that guy". More evidence of Shield going evil under Redford's character in Cap 2? It will be interesting to see whether he appears before or after Cap 2 launches the next story line for Agents of Shield. And Glenn Talbot is also closely associated with General Thaddeus Ross who also is traditionally a villain for the Hulk before he becomes the red Hulk.

I think this is a smart move by the producers of Shield. Having outside actors that have way more interesting energy than say Chloe Bennet (Skye) and Brett Dalton (Ward) helps show tremendously while the weaker characters get a little bit more time to gel. I for one am really excited to see the intensity Pasdar brings to the role. What do you guys think about this casting? Do you like that Shield has been stunt casting for the last couple of episodes?

Side note: Sadly that mustache is not real, Pasdar hilariously states, "I had a week to prepare and as macho as I like to think I am, there's just no way I can grow that mustache in a week, so we had to cut up a $400 dollar mustache and try it on knowing that it might fail and there's not always room to do that in the make-up department."

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