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Sorry for missing National Park Tuesday, everyone. The craziness at work - I has it.

This is our very first National Park Tuesday (Wednesday) Canadian Edition! Bruce Peninsula National Park is located on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, forming the core of the Niagra Escarpment World Biosphere Preserve. The park is 165 square kilometers (using the metric system for this one, as a nod to our Canadian friends).


The Niagra Escarpment is comprised of 400 million-year-old rock, originally formed in an ancient tropical sea chock-full of mollusks, crustaceans and living corals. It's likely that it would have looked a lot like the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. As this ancient shallow sea began to dry up, the minerals dissolved and became more concentrated, forming the dolomite granite of the Escarpment.

Up until the mid-nineteenth century, the Bruce Peninsula was occupied by Saugeen Ojibway Nations, which include the Chippewa of Nawash and Chippewa of Saugeen - and before them, the Odawa.


Visitors to Bruce Peninsula National Park are drawn by the spectacular cliffs, caves and even shipwrecks.

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