Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Need your honest opinions.

I have 2 trailers to show you. Both are somehow linked to my home - Quebec. I wanna know what you think of it - do they look like something you would like to see?

The first trailer is for Quebec's latest big release that is going to be released on Friday. I saw it last week, did the interviews with the actors and the director today, and I really want to know if it looks as good as it does to me. I really loved that movie. Also, can you see any green screen in it (there's a lot of it)? I couldn't. (Keep in mind, this movie's budget in 8.5. million. The biggest budget ever for a Quebec movie is 9 millions))

The second trailer is for the American remake of the Quebec movie Starbuck (2011). It's written and directed by the same guy as the original, and the trailer is pretty much identical to the original. Because of that, I can't really decide if this looks good or not. So, does it look good to you? (Fun fact, in the original, the Chriss Pratt character was played by the actor playing Louis Cyr in the trailer above)

Please give me your comments - I'm really curious how both this movie will be viewed by outsiders.


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