I donated today. With a count of 10 000 injured (and climbing), the Nepalese people need a lot of help. And I figured that making a post about where to donate wouldn’t hurt, either.

I personally donated to the International Red Cross, who provide not only medical support but also temporary shelter, food and clean water for those displaced, but Doctors Without Borders is also on the ground. Both take donations in a wide variety of currencies, so you can donate from wherever you are.

As Mika pointed out in her post, money is more important than goods donations, as no one there has the time and/or resources to sort trough those. They might be beneficial at a later date, when people start rebuilding their lives, but for immediate relief and search & rescue money is better.


And if good feels aren’t enough motivation for you to donate you can participate in Fandom Aid. It’s a community that helps trade fanart of all kinds for donations (to the above mentioned organisations, and other legitimate ones). It’s pretty simple: you make a claim on your chosen art, you make the donation, send in a screenshot of the confirmation email and the artist gets to work. Or you can participate as an artist if you’re so inclined.