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Nerd Networking!

I'm going to start an etsy account for nerdy knit stuff and I was curious about what nerdy/geeky hat, scarves, bibs, etc, have you always wanted but couldn't find or any ideas of things I can make. I'm asking you all because you guys are the best think tank that I have on hand! Help a fellow nerd, please!

I'm thinking of making scarves that has superhero logos on them (Kinda like this)


and some other things. I need suggestions and to know if you guys would theoretically buy it. Also, let me know if there's anything I suppose look out for or anything.

I'm not plugging anything, just seeing if there was a market out there. Please let know and if this post makes you feel icky because you think I'm abusing my posting powers for my own gain, I apolagize.

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