Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I would like a social networking site that helps me find other nerds/geeks/fangirls/fanboys in my area that are obsessed with things that I am also obsessed with. Obviously, I don't have trouble finding people all over the world to chat with online, but this hasn't translated locally.

Yes, there are local comic cons, though the one here always schedules itself for a weekend I am out of town, but that's once a year and I don't want to just wander around yelling out "Dean!" to see if any one responds.

I want to log in somewhere and go to the NoLa section and find people who want to talk about Supernatural and Hannibal in person.


There are actually nerd social clubs in NoLa but they're Mardi Gras related. I don't want to build floats for parades, I want to talk about Will Graham's need for proper healthcare and Sam Winchester's hair.

How do I make this happen? P.S. Don't go to Craigslist thinking maybe I can post about a tv club meet up because people there do not know what "platonic" means. Also don't go to Meetup.com because that's mostly cooking and booze and ultimate frisbee.

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