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Nerdrage against the nerdrage

Look, I'll keep this short and sweet. Yes, I'm one of those "insufferable" ASoIaF book readers, but it's time to back off a bit and cut me some slack.

I read the books starting with the first, when it initially came out. I was amazed when I heard they were making this show, and thrilled when it did a wonderful job of adapting the books. I don't spoil the show for anybody, nor do I toss off "readthebookskthxbai" at people when they don't know something or ask questions.

But here's the thing; as a watcher of a TV show that has hewn pretty damn close to the books for 3 and a half seasons, I had certain expectations. Of course there's stuff that doesn't work in the books, or stuff that doesn't translate well between the two media, and I get that. Things that might be minor, but fan favourites, get lost in the translation.


However, cutting out a shocking plot point for one of the major characters which was ALREADY a cliffhanger for the book *is* a big deal. And as a book reader, I'm annoyed, offended, and disappointed that they made that executive decision. And I have every right to be.

So please, stop telling me to "get over it". Stop telling me, "It's the TV show, not the books!". Stop telling me not to be so butthurt.

As a book reader, I try to be courteous to those who haven't yet read them. As a show watcher, I'd like you to give me some of the same courtesy in return.

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