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Years ago, mostly as a tribute to the works of Terry Pratchett, and somewhat because I was on a very long car trip, I drafted a crossword puzzle in the Traditional Morkporkian Asymmetrical Style. (Which I just made up. I'm not exactly a crossword pro here.) For various reasons including my own late father's love of crosswords, I regret not finishing it and sending it to him back then, so I'm sharing it with you odeckers now.

Some of it's easy. Some of it's not. At least one or two answers might have made the Patrician consider stringing me up by my 48 down. Anyway, here it is. I hope it makes you smile a bit remembering the joy Terry Pratchett brought us.



1. The Father of Disgraces.

4. Time of unripe fruits.

6. His late, crazed lordship.

8. Ridicule from a square?

11. Words were never spoken.

13. Foreboding to Basalt.

15. Morpork after sunset.

16. Boatman of the solar orb.

17. F.L. Wrong?

22. Flavored fragment.

24. Plain state.

25. Place to improve by degrees.

27. This one's a gift.

28. Where one can find famous trees.

32. Foreign vessels for cleaning tosh paws.

34. The police element.

36. Great Gods!

38. The current state of 39 across.

39. Erupted Isle

41. He wrote the Disc.

42. Horns, traditionally.

44. Knurdness counter.

47. In Uberwald it brings darkness to light.

48. Condition in life.

50. He wrote for The Dysk.

51. It's cheap from easy on.

55.Deity for Club musicians.

56. Leonard's big shot.

58. Librarian's warning.

60. Mona's smile prompts a double-take.

61. Oft-cited philosopher.

62. Simians on the way up.

63. To unite in opposition.

64. Witches' end.

65. All the stage's a world.


1. Attack one's reputation with a play on words?

2. Igor's boss.

3. Syrup of prunes

4. A tomb of living words.

5. The forest's over.

6. Thirty-two days ____ Sektober.

7. With 11 down, the reason Time should not throw stones.

9. Film predecessor.

10. With 7 down, the reason Time should not throw stones.

12. Reformation of character, literally.

14. A feegle cry.

18. The sound of silence.

19. Blind as those who will not see.

20. Quantics of the eighth degree.

21. Dog-headed God of the Evening

23. Instruction for 44 across.

24. Famously said to have been strung up by his 48 down.

26. Pelargic port.

29. I forgot.

30. Adhered affectionately.

31. This shop's a joke.

33. Rather like 6 across, but deeper.

35. Someone else's gods.

37. Out actor.

40. The turning of the year.

43. A king and one better, maybe.

45. It's the end of the world.

46. A mental note?

48. A small short-crust pasty containing raisins.

51. River famed in 35 down and lies.

52. Acrostic city merchant of tosh.

53. Say yes to a gargoyle.

54. Miner mischief maker.

57. A million-to-one chance, for instance.

59. 57 down's disembodied dagger.

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