Filmmaker Mick Garris, creator of the respectable TV horror anthologies Masters of Horror, Fear Itself, and the director of everyone’s favorite (*cough*) TV miniseries adaption of The Shining, is putting together a new anthology horror film consisting five 20 minute shorts from an international collection of directors.

According to Horror Society, the film — titled Nightmare Cinema — will include:

· Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins), who will direct Mirari by Richard Christian Matheson

· The U.K.’s David Slade (Hannibal, 30 Days of Night), who will direct This Way to Egress, which he co-wrote with Lawrence C. Connelly, based on Connelly’s short, Traumatic Descent

· Japan’s Ryuhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train,Versus), who will direct Mashit by Mexican author and filmmaker Sandra Becerril

· Cuba’s Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead, From Dusk to Dawn), who will film The Thing in the Woods, which he also penned

· Mick Garris (Stephen King’s The Stand and The Shining), who will direct his own short story, Tyler’s Third Act

Nightmare Cinema is expected to be released sometime next year.