Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Here is the 2013 Class of NASA Astronaut Candidates. It's an even split of four men and four women. Six of them are active duty military officers (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps represented). One was a professor at Harvard Medical School. One was a NOAA Station Chief in Samoa.


At their introduction at the Johnson Space Center yesterday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said, "These next generation of explorers will be among those who plan and carry out the first human missions to an asteroid or on to Mars."

They still have about two years of training ahead of them. According to NASA chief astronaut Bob Behnken:

The training for this group in the near term will focus on the space station and understanding the operations on board. These candidates will all fill support roles for station crews that will be flying. They also will receive T-38 training and will get some aviation background under their belt.


NASA also released a video featuring the astronaut candidates that looks like the opening credits of a TV show (The Astronauts, premiering this fall on Fox).

So stay in school and take those science and math classes, kids.

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Image: NASA

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