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The team of writer Mark Waid, artist Chris Samnee, colorist Matt Wilson and letterer Joe Caramagna, who just finished their award-winning run on Daredevil a few weeks ago, are now working on a Black Widow book for the All-New, All-Different Marvel.

Per the interview with EW, you don’t need to read the previous run by Nathan Edmondson, you can just dive right in with the new book.


The book will also be tonally different than Daredevil:

You’ve done a little bit of work with Black Widow in the Daredevil series, when she cameoed in an issue. But now, Natasha is your complete focus, which means you really have to dive into her head.

WAID: And even then, it’s a much trickier situation, because Daredevil was a very internal book. Daredevil was narrated by Daredevil and we were very much inside Matt [Murdock]’s head the entire time. We’re very close to Daredevil as a person in this book, whereas with Natasha and the Black Widow book, it’s the opposite. We don’t want to get a running narration of what’s happening in her head at every moment. We need her to be a little more distant and a little more removed, because that’s just who she is. She’s not open with her thoughts and her feelings. So it’s a whole different challenge with us. How do you tell emotional really intimate stories with these characters, without having that tool in our toolbox?

The book looks pretty awesome and is coming out in 2016.

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