I still have my reservations about the new Bowie album. This track and a few others stand out but for the most part the whole thing is a bit underwhelming. It's a good album, don't get me wrong, but it's not as great as some claim or expected it to be. It's gotten great reviews, though, so not everyone is being an ass like me. I'll give it more listens but so far it's just OK.

Best part about the album though? The actual album cover. The title "Heroes" is crossed out and a big white box with the Next Day written on it is slapped all over that iconic Egon Schiele-inspired Bowie pose. Bowie has no way of escaping his past so why not just acknowledge it but also give a silent fuck you to those who expect the same greatness from him this time (I guess this is aimed at me too, ha). It's Brilliant. I'm actually glad they used the "Heroes" cover because it's not his greatest album; that title goes to "Low" and I would have ripped someone's head off if that cover was ever defaced in any way (oh gods I'm one of those fans). Here's a great explanation by Barnbrook on why this cover was chosen:


If you haven't heard it give it a listen. If you have, what do you think? What do fans think about this new album cover? Is Tilda Swinton a clone used from a 70s Bowie tissue sample?


Album Rating: 7/10 Jareth crotches.