(Sorry, crashed, I know you shared it, but I want to chat with Deckers about it). We are getting a "new" commenting system, everyone.

Read this,

http://jezebel.com/what-gawker-me… , then come back and we'll chat.

It seems we are essentially going back to the greys. Personally, I'm okay with that because io9 and Jez follow me, so I don't have to do anything 'extra' to become heard. Yes, I am selfish like that. But I also tried hard to bring cool comments up from the greys by recc'ing them so I'll have to get back into the practice of that.

In general, maybe? "pending" comments are a good start, but what ends up happening (as it ALWAYS happens) is that a troll with a devastating bon mot ends up promoted out of the greys as people argue with them. Even though ignoring them LITERALLY would leave them out of sight. I could see it helping with spam. That will be easier to ignore now, and people 'playing' with the spam bots is pretty rare.

Let's talk about this.

(I am also working on a happy post for later where we can play and stuff. But SERIOUS BIZNESS first :P )