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New 'Fantastic 4' Trailer Different From Previous Terrible Fantastic 4 Movies

So the new trailer has arrived for Fantastic 4, and there's already hubbub about how it's not what people expected. That's all fine and good. I'm just a bit confused as to why folks would expect something overtly recognizable as a comic book movie, from the trailer.

I'm going to be frank: the last two Fantastic Four movies were awful. Just awful. 20th Century Fox already tried to make a pair of F4 movies with bright colors and flashy powers, and the results were not pretty. It makes sense, then, that this new execution would aim to distance itself from its predecessors as far as reasonably possible.


I get that the new picture is going to be following at least some of the plot from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, which is fine. We've already done the bit with Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny (and Doom) getting walloped with cosmic energy, in space. Distancing this new picture from that can only help matters.

Comic books (and their movie adaptations) come in all sorts of flavors. Given how bad this movie's predecessors turned out to be, if the trailer— and the film— veer away from strict comic book adventure for something a bit grittier, something leaning more into scifi, so be it! Bring it on.

There's a lot of potential here. What remains to be seen is what's been done with it.

What do you think?

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