Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Jist of the boxes would be stuff like this.

1). Snarky comment about fake geek girls.
2). Not at all ironic comment about fake geek girls
3). Comment about cosplayer X/Y/Z being too fat.
4). 30-or-more long thread with at least five comments dehumanizing cosplayer X
5). Comment wars about X/Y/Z costume being lazy.
6). Comment from someone who was photographed thanking all the comments. You get a bonus box if they mention never wanting to cosplay again after reading the cesspit of comments.
7). Comment lamenting where all these 'hot wimmen geeks' were when THEY were growing up. If it's the same comment about win you may immediate call Bingo. You won.
8). Stop playing and start drinking heavily when you read 5 or more comments dehumanizing fellow nerds who are out enjoying themselves and remember why you sometimes keep the whole nerd-thing to yourself sometimes because Jesus Christ it's embarrassing (the reactions, not the cosplayers).


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