Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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New Humble Bundle

Play on Steam. All of these games run on Steam for Windows* (Batman: Arkham City is also available for Mac). System requirements can be found here.

*Please note that this bundle requires you to redeem on your Steam account.

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I'm currently playing Scribblenauts, it's fun...and it helps my spelling! It's also slightly odd...I had to feed some people who came into a restaurant, one was a Vampire he wanted something "Like" blood (blood wasn't an option I tried,wasn't on the list), he settled for juice.
The next guy though....was a cannibal. I tried "People"....it spawned the Village people...the cop from them killed them all and himself, while the cannibal ate them :/


There's a guy bragging about his 3D glasses making everything 3D, dunno what to do to him :/ Tried giving him other glasses, nope, can't steal them from him either. I can remove his head by adding the word "Headless", but that doesn't help.

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