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New Jessica Jones Teaser & Upcoming Luke/Danny Team-up Comic

A new teaser for Netflix’s Jessica Jones dropped, showing off Jessica’s flight abilities.

I like it even if the sign placement for Alias Investigations is a bit odd. All episodes for Jessica Jones drop November 20th on Netflix.


In other wonderful news, Marvel announced a Powerman and Iron Fist team-up comic. The comic will come from the creative team of David F. Walker and Sanford Greene. This is the second black male* creative team announced for an upcoming book. The first was the Black Panther book by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze.

Here is some concept art Luke and Danny’s designs.

I don’t love the artwork however, I don’t hate it either.

[Axel Alonso] told Fast Company, which broke the announcement, “[T]his was something that I’d wanted to see for years and years. That particular duo, they’re so iconic. As a writer, you love interesting characters, and those two characters are so fun to delve into. They are the ultimate bromantic couple.”


Let’s hope this is one brotastic (groan) comic, brah (groan)!

*Anyone know if there are any black women lined up to work on a Marvel book as writer or artist?

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