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New Lego pictures show a little more of the cast of Star Wars Rebels

Ahead of next week's New York Toy Fair, Star Wars fansite Yak Face has posted high-res pictures of two of Lego's new sets based on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels cartoon series. Take a look!

The first set, The Ghost, features the Rebel dissident's main ship, and 4 minifigures - a Stormtrooper (with a new helmet based on the Rebels design), the recently revealed ex-Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Zeb Orrellios and Hera Syndulla (perhaps related to Clone Wars' Cham Syndulla?). At 929 pieces, it'll retail for $90.


Next up is a smaller Rebel ship, The Phantom, which clocks in at 234 pieces and retails for $25. This set only contains two figures, two Rebels - Ezra Bridger and the astromech C1-1OP, known as Chopper.

Both sets are due for release in August.

(Follow the source link to see the images fully blown up, Kinja seems to be having a problem with expanding them!)


[Yak Face Forums]

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