Subscriber issues of SFX #241 in the UK have started making their way to doormats across the country - and in turn, giving us a few tiny new looks at the 50th Anniversary special. Click through for some very mild spoilers!

First off is the rather swanky cover, featuring the three Doctors - Ten looking glum as he did on the Poster, Eleven heroically swishing his sonic screwdriver, and the Hurt Doctor... looking like he's about to duff someone up, actually. Maybe he's going to do some Venusian aikido!

And some fire. Can't forget a nice bit of random fire on your promo pics!

Inside the mag itself is a feature on the anniversary, including some pictures of the Doctors in Eleven's TARDIS:


Eleven and Ten look a bit concerned, don't they? John Hurt doesn't - I'm sensing a pattern here... maybe The Day of The Doctor will have him running around being a badass and punching Daleks, not giving an eff, whilst Eleven and Ten have a worried whinge about how he's not a 'Real' Doctor. But that's not all... what's this sticking out of one of The Hurt Doctor's pockets?


Is that a Sonic Screwdriver? (Or is he just pleased to see me? Hi-oooo!) It certainly looks like it. And the red/silver colour scheme looks rather reminiscent of the classic sonics moreso than the NuWho styled ones. Interesting stuff!

SFX #241 hits stores on Wednesday October 16th - which could mean that sometime before then we might get a more official taste of Doctor Who publicity directly from the BBC. Maybe it'll be publicity pictures like these, more information, or even, just maybe, a new trailer...


[Images credit goes to Digital Spy User Cylob49 - see here and here]